Connecting the Dots Along the End-to-end Customer Journey.

Your customers include users, distributors, and employees. Some call this the “ecosystem.” Each of their journeys starts with an event, such as a distribution opportunity event, a consumer life event, or a business event that can affect employees companywide.These events set off a cascade of interactions along a path of brand touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Uniting expectations along this ecosystem “touchpath” means connecting the dots to tell a multi-faceted story everyone can relate to, whether they’re internal, external, or distribution channel stakeholders. Activating the story with Edutainment can improve engagement, retention, brand ownership and differentiation. It’s an effective way to share your brand vision while moving toward transactions.

GroPartners TouchPath™ 360 can help you deploy a universal content strategy across media channels, marketing, sales, training, employees and customers.  With this kind of unity, all your other programs will perform better–from marketing to channel promotions to employee incentives.

TouchPath™ 360 is a strategic implementation program offered by GroPartners Consulting LLC designed to improve business results.